Speed up Your Internet

As I said, the internet can become increasingly slow. Here I will show you how to speed it up:

Un-Reserving Bandwith
Windows XP reserves 20% of bandwith for it's own use - which is unnecessary. You may follow these steps to increase your speed:

1. Go to "Start," "Run," and type "gpedit.msc"

2.Go to Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Network / QOS Packet Scheduler on the left.

3. Right click on "Limit Reserve Bandwith."

4. Click "Enabled" and set it to 0% as it shows below:

5. Click "Ok" and exit.

Optimize TCP/IP Settings

First we need to download SG TCP Optimizer here. This application edits the method in which your computer sends and recieves data packets.

1. After the download run the application - it should look similar to the picture.

2. In the "General Settings" tab move the slider to match your download speed, which can be then click found here

3. Click "Optimal Settings" at the bottom and "Ok."

4. Now it should look like this:

5. Make sure "Backup" is selected and click "Ok."

6. Now you just need to reboot. If, after you have rebooted, it seems to be running slower, you can start the program again and select "File" and "Restore Backed Up Settings." Locate the file with the extension .spg with the date that you did the change of settings. Click "Ok," and reboot.

Images provided by: Online Tech Tips