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Here on the Free Software section of the site, we will show some awesome freeware (Free Software) that we believe you will enjoy. So please click on one of the links below:


Recently, I found a new service entitled "iDrive." It is a free, automatic backup application. It allows users to create an account with 2GB of free storage online and backup certain folders to the site, of course securely. It allows users to spread the word and receive an extra 10 GB for free. Definently sweet.

Enso Launcher

If you have enumerable amounts of icons on your desktop, Enso Launcher is the best piece of freeware you will probably ever have. Even if you don't it is awesome. If you just hold down Caps Lock for about .01 of a second a flash looking box will pop up enabling you to enter any keyword into the box and locating a file, folder, or even currently opened window! Here are some of the commands:

open Opens anything in the Start Menu, or anything you've taught Enso.
open with Opens whatever you've selected with the application of your choice.
learn as open Teaches Enso a new command to open whatever you've selected.
unlearn Makes Enso forget an open command you have taught it.
go Switches to windows or tabs by name.
minimize Minimizes the front window.
maximize Maximizes the front window.
unmaximize Unmaximizes the front window.
close Closes the front window.
quit Quits the front application.

It can be downloaded here.

Printer Anywhere

Some of the most common problems are with printers. If you simply cannot print - maybe the network printer will not work from your laptop - etc. There is a program called "Printer Anywhere" that allows users to connect to another computer and print through their printer. It is safe and allows the option of requiring a verification before printing if that is necessary. The program is also only about 10 MB I believe and obviously works well. McAfee Site Advisor renders it as a "Red," but it seems to be simply because it is linked to a site that may have Spyware - but you never have to go there as well the downloads have been tested and were found to be fine. This application as well has been on PC Mag's "157 Best Free Software" article.


Free Video Chat is everywhere now. There are programs such as Skype, Gizmo, etc. that allow you do so and some even allow you to call landlines free. ooVoo though is definently one of the best. While being free in includes functions like free calling to landlines, nice interface, good quality, and the program itself is not at all to large. The program was recently featured in PC Mag as one of their 157 Best Free Software applications. This is definently going to grow. It can be found here.

McAfee Site Advisor

McAfee Site Advisor is a free Firefox Add-On that notifies you of the status of websites by displaying a Green Check, Yellow Exclamation Mark, or Red X with information further described with a mouse-over. It as well includes a small box at the bottom right of the browser filled with Green (Good), Yellow (May be Dangerous), or Red (Dangerous) colors to notify you of the status of the site. You may as well go to the Site Advisor website and post on the website further notifying others of the danger involved - or not involved - with the specified site. You may download the Add On here.

Awesome, Fast USB Ejector

Currently - if you have a Windows - it may take a little while to eject your Flash Drive using the built in system. I have found one that ejects extremely quick, works efficiently, and is extremely small to download. It is called, simply "USB Disk Ejector." It can be found here.

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Mozilla Firefox (The worlds second best browser under Willzilla Willafox)

Though I'm sure you've heard of it, Mozilla Firefox, is definently the second best browser in the world (under my browser, Willzilla Willafox. It encompasses the capabilities of Internet Explorer 7 except it is safer, stronger, definently faster, more fun, etc.To download it simply go here.

Free Anti-Virus/Spyware/Malware/Adware etc. Software

There is obviously numerous Anti-Virus protection software(s) yet only the few I "endorse" are somewhat essential. The following are some of the best (I recommend downloading all of them.):

Spybot Search and Destroy (This has over 95 million downloads on!)
AVG Anti-Virus 7.5.516
Windows Defender

iMesh: Download Free Legal Music and Video

Continually one will see a news article on Limewire, Bearshear, Kazaa, etc. and about how illegal they are, how the RIAA is destroying the company, etc. I have, after a long amount of time, found a free legal music and video download client. It's called iMesh. It is as well, from my experience, completely free of Spyware, Adware, Malware, etc. as most, if not all of the music and video you download is hosted by them, unlike Limewire, or many other P2P services that require you to download from another person who could have a bunch of malware on their computer, as well as slow speeds. To make it legal iMesh has gone through numerous attempts to get Artists and/or record labels to allow the user to download a limited number of songs till you are required to subscribe. It is undoubtedly an awesome service and I recommend it.

Free CD Burner

I have been searching, recently, for a CD Burner that actually works correctly. I as well recently found one. It is called "Cool CD Burner" and can be found here. It allows for burning DVD's, Data CD's, and Audio CD's, with the option of erasing one as well. One major part of the reason I recommend this software is because, the installation does not take forever as many do, it also does not take a long time to burn the actual disk, which is continually found in numerous CD Burners.