Free, Legal Streaming Music

Besides the numerous selections of free music out there in the digital world, - as well besides Pandora and Grooveshark - there is indeed another incredible free, legal music site. It is called Slacker - "Personal Music. Your Music Without The Work." It's Motto certainly fits the description well. When you use the free service, you have the option of choosing one of the previously created "Stations," which are more like continuous selections of music, are displayed for your choosing. You may -though- create your own customized station that plays the music from the artists' you specify. It as well includes the option to "Favorite" a song to play it over again more frequently (and if you have premium, which is not necessary, you can save numerous songs to play again - but it is a waste of money since it will play anyway frequently - yet as well you may ban a song or artist.

Other features include that of album art, next artist display, further station options, "Artists on This Station," Search for artists on stations, share your stations, etc. It is definently one of the nicest free, legal audio sites on the web!