Essential Firefox Extensions

Here is a list of out top picks (In no particular order):

1. Secure Login - Allows users to login easily to any site with only one click.
2. Sxipper - Includes similar features of Secure Login, yet with numerous others, including multiple id's, other options, "fill-in form," etc.
3. Zotero - Allows users to save pages, information, etc and use it on different papers, bookmarking, etc.
4. WOT - Shows the status of the site beside the address bar to tell the user what level of "dangerous" it is. You can - as well as other users - click on the icon and set the status of the site for the following: "Trustworthiness," "Vendor Reliability," "Privacy," and "Child Safety." Adds an icon on all well-known search engines.
5. McAfee Site Advisor - Similar to WOT, yet only allows users to comment on the site. It includes information on tested downloads, pop-ups, option to have a "Do Not Warn" list, etc. As well adds an icon next to numerous search results.
6. QuietURL - Automatically fixes url's if they are typed incorrectly. E.g. Instead of correctly typing, I type google.cmo, it will correct.
7. URL Fixer - Virtually the same as the previous Add-On.