File Transfer Protocol

Okay to begin we will talk about, FTP exchange.  This is a controversial topic, as it may be somewhat difficult to create a web site using this method.  I have personally uploaded many sites using FTP (file transfer protocol).  One example may be which I created using publisher 07.  First, let us start out with this screen shot.

Yes I know this can look very difficult.  But first you start off with a blank slate.  Or you can use one of Microsoft’s templates.  But let us continue, eventually you’ll end up with some been looking like this:

Yes it may take some time, but in the end it will all be worth it.

First check your web host.  For example the host you have to buy an account.  Free Hosting is fairly difficult to recieve.  The hosting account comes with a free FTP client, although I would not recommend it.  And yet another free one called FileZilla is a great FTP client.

At the top of the FileZilla application, you have the quick connect bar.  You enter your website, then your username and password that you have created.  Then the port number - which is usually number 21.

Now with FTP it becomes a little bit tricky for those who are not familiar with web hosting.

When you finish your publication, you will want to save it as a web page filtered, called index.html.

It would be best if the savings on your desktop.

You will get to files, one index.html, the other, index_files.

Next the all you do is log in to your FTP client, for example filezilla.

And then all you do is drag and drop onto your FTP client.

Click here to upload file

Then all you can do is go to your web sites and check it out.

Article created by Cesar J. Garcia

Technology assistant at Online Free Tech Tips.

Hope this helps you new FTP uploaders.

Have fun, play safe!

“If you are going through hell, keep on going.”(Dwight D. Eisenhower)